Rice Terraces in Ha Giang

The Rice Terraces are a Cultural Treasure of the Ha Giang and are considered to be the Natural Wonder of the World.

The terraces are carved in the mountains were done by hand.

There have been rice terraces in the mountainous regions of Su Phi and northern DONG VAN KARST PLATEAU GLOBAL GEOPARK for over 2,000 years.

The terraces were first constructed as a practical solution to the problem of growing rice on land that falls away in front of you at vertigo-inducing angles.Farming in the area is carried out much the same way it was carried out hundreds of years ago.

It is best to hire a guide if you want to adventure yourself in the rice terraces as you might get lost otherwise. These mountain hikes can take hours but the views of the terraced valleys are breathtaking and in one or two places there are waterfalls and natural swimming holes where one can ease away the aches and strains of the hike.


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